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Boulders & Cobbles

     We offer a large selection of boulders & cobbles to accent your landscape.


Pearl Mountain Boulders, Glitter Series, Mica Granite Boulders

2019 Boulder Selection

Arctic Rainbow Bpoulders

Arctic Rainbow Boulders

Birch White Boulders

Black Obsidian Boulders


Black Granite Boulders

Crystal Pink Quartzite Boulders

Crystal Pink / Ruby Red Boulders

Canyon Gray Chunks


Champlain Boudlers

Featherock Boulders

Feather Rock Boulders

Bulk Granite Fieldstone Boulders 10"-48"+

Fieldstone Granite Boulders 1'-5'



Fern Green Boulders


Granite Fieldstone Cobbles 6"-12"

Fieldstone Granite Cobbles 6-12"


Gray Gorge Boulders, Ohio Stone

Gray Gorge Boulders


Gold Cloud - Turquoise

Ice Rock


Lava Boulders (red or black)


Purple Jasper Boulders

Purple Jasper Boulders

Petrified Wood Boulders and chunks

Petrified Wood

River Skippers 1-3 inch Keweeden

RIver Skippers Small 1-3"


Kewanee Skippers  River Skips

River Skips Medium 4-7"

Kewanee Skippers

river rock flats, Kewanee Skippers, River Skips

River Skips Large 7-12"

Kewanee Skippers

10078 Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Limited



Royal Gorge Pink Boulders

Royal Gorge Pink


Royal Green Marble Boulders

Royal Green Marble


Rose Valley Marble Boulders

Rose Valley Marble Boulder


Ruby Red Boulders

Ruby Spar Boulders

South Bay Quartzite

Tufa Rock Yellow



Turquoise Boulders


Zebra Rock Boulder


There are no guarantee or warranty on stone. All natural stone has inherent variation

in color, texture and durability. Materials are sold "as is" with Select Stone Company making no

express or implied warranties. Buyer is responsible for inspection of this material to determine acceptability. Use constitutes acceptance. Stone is not returnable.



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